Now that I am retired from managing Quilted Expressions for 11 years, I am ready to concentrate more on just quilting!  I have been struggling to do both but now I hope to keep up with quilting and not have a very long waiting list!  To get on my list, please email me: 

Price ranges from 1.75  to 3 1/2 cents per square inch.  Measure the length and multiply by the width.  Multiply that number by .0175 for the charge of an overall edge to edge design or multiply by .035 to get the charge for a totally custom design.  
Designs vary from edge to edge to custom. Edge to edge pays no attention to borders or blocks.  The design begins at one edge and goes to the other edge and repeats from top to bottom.  I have discovered this to be very boring for me.  It does work well for some quilts but I prefer stippling/meandering.  This is a free-motion design that may resemble puzzle pieces, loops, stars, zigzags, etc.  It is one continuous line without starts and stops.  This design requires more thread and quilting but I prefer it to edge to edge so they are both approximately 1.75/square inch.  If you request a separate quilting design on the borders or if the quilt must be turned to do the borders on the side of the quilt, I charge 2 cents per square inch.  Finally, a custom design involves different designs within the quilt.
Backing MUST be at least 4-8 inches wider than the quilt on all sides.  If you supply or request hi-loft bat please leave at least 8-16 inches around.  Please square the top and bottom so it can be pinned straight onto the machine.  There will be a $10.00 service charge if I must square your backing.
Batting can be purchased from Quilted Expressions or I can invoice you.  I prefer the Quilter's Dream Batting but other batting is not a problem.  I can invoice you for the batting from QE or you can purchase it before hand.  If you would like to use something other than that, there must be enough extra on the sides for me to adjust the machine to that batting.  It should be at least the same size as the backing.
Thread is very specific for this machine. Polyester works best but I can use cotton if you prefer.  If you need a specific color that I don't have I will invoice you like the batting.  If you provide a thread or require a thread that consistently breaks there will be a $100.00 headache fee.  The metallics look great and can add a lot to a quilt but are often difficult to work with.  If I suspect a thread will be difficult I will test it and let you know.
If you would like to be put on my list, I will gladly do so and contact you when your name reaches the top.  At that time, we will meet and discuss the many options for your quilt.  I can offer suggestions all day long but the final decision must be yours.  It is your quilt, I want you to be happy with it.  I will keep your quilt at that time and get it done for you in about a week.  I am not comfortable keeping several quilts around for long periods of time.  I don't want to be responsible for your hard work any longer than I need to!   If I call you before the expected time, I can always come back to you so don't panic.  
Thanks so much - Tamera